Shivakasi Yellow Granite

Shivakasi Yellow Granite

Shiva Yellow granite is also known as Shiva Ivory. This granite has a light cream/ivory back ground with many small patches of light orangish brown Many times you will also find burgundy scars in some parts

More About Indian Shivakasi Yellow Granite:

More Details

Also Known As: 
Shiva Ivory
Base Color: 
Grain/Texture: : 
Tiles Size: 
12"x12"x10mm, 16"x16"x12mm, 18"x18"x12mm, 24"x12"x10mm, 24"x16"x12mm, 24"x18"x12mm
Slabs Thickness: 
2cm, 3cm
Available Finishes: 
Indian Shivakasi Yellow Granite Slabs are available in 2cm, 3cm thickness

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