Granite FAQ's

  • Posted on: 21 April 2012
  • By: admin

Q 1. Why choose Granite?
NO.Granite is one of the longest lasting and toughest natural stones on the market, making it the perfect choice for any outdoor or indoor project

Because granite is composed of mainly feldspar and quartz, it has an exceptional resistance to scratches, which is why it is has been considered one of the best building materials for thousands of years
•Flooring: Exceptional strength, Striking array of colors, Great luster makes Granite tiles & slabs as the most desirable choice for flooring

•Counter tops: Because of High durability, Heat resistance, Scratch resistance & Easy to maintain Granite is considered as the best option for Kitchen countertops

•Vanity tops: Luxurious feel, High longevity, No water absorption are the attributes making Granite a Smart choice for Vanity tops

Q 2. Does granite stain? How should one take care of granite?
No. Since granite is very dense, and not very porous, its ability to absorb liquids that cause stains is highly reduced. Granite is approximately 95 to 98 percent stain resistant, and is virtually maintenance-free.

However, we recommend sealing the surface with a water-based sealant. Sealing can be done once a year or once every two years depending on the usage of the surface

Q. 3 Will my granite look exactly like the pictures on
No.The pictures of the Granite shown on the site are scanned as digital images of respective samples for that particular color. While these are high quality resolutions, they do not capture the exact nature of the real thing. Some variation should be expected since it is natural stone. These slight variations in color, pattern and granularity give granite its unique nature, coveted by discriminating consumers around the world

Q. 4 How much granite tile does a container hold?
No.Container quantities of granite range from 4,000 sq. ft. to 7,000 sq. ft. depending on
the product (Slabs, Tiles, Counter tops, Vanity tops) size & thickness.

Q. 5 How much does granite weigh?
No.Granite tiles and slabs come in different thicknesses. The weight per square foot for each thickness is as follows

•· 3/8"(10mm) thick tile: 5.5 lbs sq. ft.

•· 1/2"(12mm) thick tile: 6.5 lbs. sq. ft.

•· 3/4"(20mm) thick slab: 12.8 lbs. sq. ft.

•· 1 1/4"(30mm) thick slab: 18 lbs sq. ft

Since, Granite is heavy and requires proper equipment or labor to accept goods on delivery. It is advised that customers prepare themselves for loading/receiving the goods by checking / calculating the weight of goods before they are delivered

Q. 6 How many colors can I put in one container? offers it customers the luxury of adding as many colors as possible in a container, subject to their availability at a given time. It is recommended that customers contact us through e-mail, phone or fax to get a confirmed yes

Q. 7 Where is material shipped from? ships its material from India

Q. 8 What is the lead time for the order?
Although lead time depends upon the order specification, usually ships the material from its factory from India within 3-4 weeks of the placement of the order

In addition to that time, there is a sea transit time. The length of the sea transit time depends upon the final destination. For example, to ship to West coast in US, it takes about of 26-32 days to reach a port on the west cost (Long beach, CA, USA of example) and for Felixstowe, Suffolk UK, the sea transit time is about 22-25 days

Q. 9 How is the material (Granite products) packed?
Understanding the importance of apt packaging in safe delivery of the products, we are sincerely focusing on full-proof packaging of our products.

•Tiles: Packing of tiles is done in corrugated boxes (only for small size granite tiles and slates), giving thermocol and plastic covering. They are then packed in sea worthy wooden crates, to give a strong support in order to avoid any breakage or loss during transit

•Slabs: Random and cut to size slabs are packed in sea worthy wooden frames in 20' each., giving required covering by minimum 5 mm plastic sheet & thermocol

•Countertops & Vanity tops: Granite Countertops and Vanity tops are bundled in the quantity 10-20 depending upon the size and thickness of the material

Further, performs the process of lashing and fumigation of the container to ensure perfect security & safety of the material

Q. 10 Which forms of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal, Google Check out, Wire transfers & L/C

Q 11. What are the bank details of