BuyGranites Introduced handmade Granite Bird for Home Garden decor

  • Posted on: 25 April 2012
  • By: admin
handmade Granite Bird for Home Garden decor

Handmade natural stone bird is created by most skilled artisans. No one can challenge to the richness of genuine handmade natural granite.
We at BuyGranites offer a wide range of handcrafted stone birds for garden and home decoration. These exclusive handmade stone pieces give marvelous look to your pool deck, garden and walkway.

BuyGranites deals handmade natural stone birds to give your home, hotels, restaurant and gardens a lavish look. For more design please visit our website

1. Natural: Made from finest quality natural stone.
2. Handmade & Distinct: Each bird stone is hand made separately.
3. Royal Color: Earthy color that mix perfectly with natural environment and surroundings.
4. Big Strength: Does not break into small pieces by falling on the ground because of strong winds.
5. Durability: All stones - does not dull - under direct sunlight it look best & during rainy season it gives stunning look.

Size and Colors:
1. Length: 8"
2. Width: 4"
3. Height: 5"
4. Weight: 2 lbs
5. Color: Earthy
6. Material: Genuine natural stone
7. Features: Natural, Harder, Royal looking, long lasting

1. Products are shipped via UPS Air.
2. Shipping is completely insured. Hidden, insurance or handling charges are not present.
3. We track all shipments from dispatch at our warehouse in Jaipur, India to final destination.